SherTrack SNAPPS™ DCP – Dynamic Capacity Planning

SherTrack SNAPPS™ DCP uses the Lean demand pull consumption signal (customer orders) and allocates supply fulfillment across the production and distribution network to achieve the lowest total fulfillment cost. Dynamic, probabilistic inventory planning optimizes the balance between production and freight costs while enforcing operating constraints. 
SherTrack SNAPPS™ DCP provides an agile and efficient response to true customer demand with the lowest total supply cost.  Dynamic and probabilistic inventory target setting at each supply chain tier effectively manages supply chain variation that is such a challenge with traditional multi-echelon solutions.
SherTrack SNAPPS™ DCP can be used alone or together with SherTrack SNAPPS™ PM.  SherTrack SNAPPS™ is deployed via Software-as-a-Service for low total cost of ownership and minimal internal IT support requirements.

Agile and Responsive

SherTrack SNAPPS™ DCP responds to direct customer demand rather than demand forecasts with their inherent accuracy issues.  Using true customer demand means that you are producing and stocking the right product at the right time at the right location. 

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Dynamic Capacity Planning