Lean SixSigma Services

Use SherTrack Lean SixSigma Services to conduct specific Lean SixSigma projects, augment your Continuous Improvement teams, or train your SixSigma green or black belts on the use of SherTrack SNAPPS™ digital modeling.

SherTrack SNAPPS™ digital models and discrete event simulation provide sophisticated analytical tools that enable the application of advanced SixSigma techniques such as design-of-experiments (DOE) to thoroughly investigate process capabilities. Multivariate digital models are recognized as the methodology of choice for analyzing complex, non-linear systems. SherTrack SNAPPS™ modeling will help you understand the complex interactions of demand variation, transition sequences and cycle times and their impact on OTD, OEE and business profitability.


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Conduct specific Lean Six Sigma projects, augment your Continuous Improvement teams & receive training for Six Sigma green or black belts in SherTrack SNAPPS™ digital modeling.
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