Shertrack snapps RP

SherTrack SNAPPS™ Rail Predictor

SherTrack SNAPPS™ RP provides predictive control for rail shippers by effectively managing the large variation in transit and destination dwell times so that buffer rail car stock is reduced and enabling the dynamic deployment of rail cars among sub fleets or routes to increase fleet efficiency. 
SherTrack SNAPPS™ RP by accurately predicts the location and status of rail cars over the entire rail trip cycle, so that the right number of cars are deployed to meet your transportation service objectives with the optimum deployment of rail assets.
SherTrack SNAPPS™ RP provides detailed insights into rail car requirements and provides operational alerts from 0 to 30 days in advance so that fleet deployment adjustments can be made efficiently without disrupting service.  The right number of rail cars in the right place at the right time. 
SherTrack SNAPPS™ RP can be used alone or together with SherTrack SNAPPS™ PM to synchronize production with rail fleet availability for even leaner operations.  SherTrack SNAPPS™ is deployed via Software-as-a-Service for low total cost of ownership and minimal internal IT support requirements. 

Key Features


 SherTrack SNAPPS™ RP predictive analytics can accurately predict rail car trip life cycle stage from 0 to 75 days.  Customer car releases and when the cars will be returning by day over the operational horizon ensures reliable fleet performance.


SherTrack SNAPPS™ RP dynamically determines the optimal fleet size by route or sub fleet to provide reliability of supply with the just the right number of cars to buffer rail network variation.  Efficiently redeploy cars between routes or sub fleets to maximize rail fleet efficiency. 

Predictive Modeling

SherTrack SNAPPS™ RP’s integrated discrete event simulator provides unparalleled power to evaluate your rail networks true performance capabilities, in detail.  Analyze the impact of different manufacturing and sales policies in terms of service and both peak and steady state fleet utilization. Design-of-experiment methodologies facilitate the analysis of complex and interrelated factors to assess optimal business processes for operational excellence.

Supply Chain Convergence

SherTrack SNAPPS™ RP when deployed with SherTrack SNAPPS™ PM enables the synchronization of the rail management process with production scheduling to true customer demand.  These processes usually span functional and application silos. SherTrack SNAPPS™ provides the foundation to truly synchronize production and rail fleet utilization to efficiently supply true customer demand.  


SherTrack SNAPPS™ RP can be deployed from just a sub fleet of the rail network to the entire fleet.  SherTrack SNAPPS™ SaaS delivery model enables deployment where it adds most value to your business and can be integrated with existing ERP and planning systems.  

Predictive Notifications

SherTrack SNAPPS™ can send event notifications when performance targets are projected to be breached in the operational time horizon. These event notifications can be delivered using e-mail or SMS messaged to trigger workflows, alerts, or review. SherTrack SNAPPS™ integrated “sandbox” allows the rail management team to evaluate a range of alternative scenarios quickly.