shertrack snapps pm

SherTrack SNAPPS™ PM

SherTrack SNAPPS™ PM (predictive manufacturing) provides demand pull planning and scheduling – production scheduling is triggered by actual customer consumption. Dynamic, probabilistic inventory planning and finite scheduling ensures best-in-class service and agility with maximum production efficiency. 
SherTrack SNAPPS™ PM provides agile and efficient response to true customer demand, eliminating the impact of forecast effort on operations.  Dynamic and probabilistic inventory target setting effectively manages supply chain variation that is such a challenge with traditional planning and scheduling solutions.
SherTrack SNAPPS™ PM can be used alone or together with SherTrack SNAPPS™ Dynamic Capacity Planning.  SherTrack SNAPPS™ is deployed via Software-as-a-Service for low total cost of ownership and minimal internal IT support requirements. 

Key Features

Agile and Responsive

SherTrack SNAPPS™ responds to direct customer demand rather than demand forecasts with their inherent accuracy issues.  Using your true customer demand means that you are producing the right product at the right time.


SherTrack SNAPPS™ PM stochastic inventory planning and finite scheduling algorithms efficiently manage both demand and production variation to optimize production efficiency. Minimizes production break-ins and balances production setups with inventory costs to maximize business performance.  Produce the right quantity at right time.  

Predictive Modeling

SherTrack SNAPPS™ PM integrated discrete event simulator provides unparalleled power to evaluate your supply networks true performance capabilities, in detail.  Analyze the impact of different manufacturing and supply strategies in terms of service (OTD), production efficiency and working capital without experimenting on your customers!  Design-of-experiment methodologies facilitate the analysis of complex and interrelated factors that determine operational performance.

Supply Chain Convergence

SherTrack SNAPPS™ PM when deployed with SherTrack SNAPPS DCP (dynamic capacity planning) enables the end-to-end synchronization of the fulfilment process across the supply network tiers of production sites and distribution centers. The end-to-end fulfilment process usually spans functional and application silos. SherTrack SNAPPS™ provides the foundation to truly synchronize production and distribution center replenishment to efficiently supply true customer demand.  The right product from the right location at the right time.


SherTrack SNAPPS™ PM can be deployed from just one line to across the entire business. SherTrack SNAPPS™ SaaS delivery model enables deployment where it adds most value to your business and can be integrated with existing ERP and planning systems.  

Predictive Notifications

SherTrack SNAPPS™ can send event notifications when performance targets are projected to occur in the operational time horizon.    These event notifications can be delivered using e-mail or SMS messaged to trigger workflows, alerts, or review. SherTrack SNAPPS™ integrated “sandbox” allows the planner to evaluate a range of alternative scenarios quickly.