SherTrack SNAPPS™ Predictive Analytics for End-to-End Supply Chain Synchronization 

Address the critical barriers to maximizing your supply network capabilities.

SherTrack SNAPPS™ deploys the Lean demand pull process for planning and scheduling  

  • Supply chain replenishment triggered by actual customer consumption in real-time
  • Dynamic, probabilistic inventory planning with finite scheduling across multiple tiers
  • Best-in-class service and agility with maximum production efficiency.



     Demand-driven Manufacturing

SherTrack SNAPPS™ enables your supply network to respond efficiently to customer demand in real-time, not in weeks or months. SNAPPS™ probabilistic planning and scheduling effectively manages demand and supply variation which seriously degrade supply chain performance.  SNAPPS™ robust system response reduces exceptions and stabilizes operations to deliver best-in-class OTD, OEE and inventory performance.  Planners can focus on addressing tactical and strategic issues important to your business.


     Supply Chain Convergence

SherTrack SNAPPS™ synchronizes demand across the tiers of the entire supply network.  Instead of separately planning and scheduling distribution center replenishment and coordinating with manufacturing demand forecasts, use direct customer demand with the Lean pull process to see across your entire supply network to produce the right quantity of the right product for the right location at the right time.

Leading-edge supply chain organizations want to support end-to-end processes, such as end-to-end fulfillment, where an end-to-end process spans traditional functional and application boundaries, and activities can be orchestrated without regard for functional domains or application silos.  SherTrack SNAPPS™ cloud based delivery platform can orchestrate across supply chain tiers and application boundaries to transform supply chain performance.


     Predictive Modeling

SherTrack SNAPPS™ integrates the digital model of the supply network with its built-in discrete-event simulator. With the massive computing power available due to in-memory and cloud computing, very large datasets and models are simulated in reasonable time periods. SNAPPS™ allow users to simulate the impact of a period's worth of events to see how the current supply chain configuration (or even options for different configurations) will perform (against a set of selected key performance indicators) in a fraction of the actual time period.

SherTrack SNAPPS™ predictive modeling in conjunction with designed experiments can create a response surface for how the supply chain will behave under different variable conditions — the same way that process engineers do for manufacturing processes. This capability can be used at a strategic level, tactical or operational level (such as how well specific inventory policies will help mitigate against demand variability or how a specific production schedule will achieve the right balance between operating cost and due date attainment).


     Predictive Analytics for Rail Fleet Management

SherTrack SNAPPS™ Rail Predictor provides advanced process control capabilities for rail fleet management.  SherTrack SNAPPS™ predictive analytics can effectively manage the large variation in the rail car life cycle from the time it leaves a plant to destination, time at destination and returning to origin that is so challenging for shippers.  SherTrack SNAPPS™ can accurately predict rail car locations and usage for up to 75 days to enable more reliable operation with fewer cars – Lean rail fleet control



SherTrack SNAPPS™ is deployed via Software-as-a-Service cloud, offering secure connectivity with your existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and/or supply chain planning systems.

  • No In-House IT Support – Our cloud offering only requires the establishment of secure data connections to SherTrack’s secure data center.  SherTrack provides systems maintenance and secure hosting as part of its monthly usage fee.
  • No Costly Upgrades – SherTrack SNAPPS™ Instances are always up to date with our latest technology and developments.
  • Deploy Where Needed –SherTrack SNAPPS™ demand-driven technology can be deployed exclusively on the operations that are complex enough to benefit.


    Easily Evaluate Business Impact

Quickly road test SherTrack SNAPPS™ via a Six Sigma DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) predictive modeling project that will provide powerful insights into your supply network’s true capabilities.  Discover how Demand-Driven manufacturing can transform your supply network’s performance.

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