Alf Sherk, Founder & CEO

Alf Sherk SherTrack

Alf Sherk founded SherTrack, LLC to bring an innovative customer focused Lean approach to traditional supply chain planning and execution for complex manufacturing operations.  The need for a new process arose from his experience in leading the Specialty Chemical IBU of Dow Chemical’s Canadian division and the challenge of optimizing plant scheduling.

His vision and experience led to the SherTrack SNAPPS™ technology solution breakthrough.  The Lean Pull process is transformed and made fully operational with SherTrack SNAPPS™ predictive analytics by meeting customer demand and driving total system costs down.  This transformational approach significantly outperforms both the traditional Lean Pull and S&OP forecast based methodology.

Alf Sherk previously founded e-Chemicals, a pioneer in business-to-business e-commerce and is a past member of Michigan State University’s Graduate School of Business technical advisory council.   He is a graduate of Queen’s University and earned graduate degrees in organic chemistry and business administration.